Having Her Headphones On

Having her headphones on
And being far gone
In music’s sound
She perceives nothing profound.
But there is nothing profound
To see
In the pound, pound, pound
Of he.

It being over
She retrieves her pullover
And other things.
She sings
Her feet
Tap to a discordant beat
And with headphones still in place
She departs leaving a slight trace
Of perfume
And a discarded hairband
In the bedroom.
The latter he does not understand.


16 thoughts on “Having Her Headphones On

  1. Laura Routh

    I loved this and wish I knew the story behind it. But I got the gist of it! And of course I’m going to be pondering the headband …

  2. Laura Routh

    You’re welcome! I’m taking a break from my own writing tonight to check in on other writers. I don’t usually write much poetry, so this is a treat!

      1. Laura Routh

        Yes, but there aren’t too many poems there. It’s owlinthewood.com. I mostly write about the environment and climate change, but every now and then I sneak in an essay or two. Thanks for asking!

  3. S Francis

    Fantastic bit of poetry… and an interesting contemplation we are left with at the end… the discarded headband… like a zen koan. — Stephen

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