The Judge And The Prisoner

The judge put the black cap upon his head
And looking at the prisoner in the dock said,
“You are guilty of the slaughter
Of mother, son, father and daughter.
Down the years
You have provoked countless tears
And you shall pay
For your crimes today.

We have drugs that will keep you under control.
You have had your final soul.
I sentence you to perpetual irrelevance.
Now go you hence!”.

The Grim Reaper bowed his knee
And said “so shall it be.
I leave you in the hands of my good friend
Tedium Eternal, for death is at an end …”.

15 thoughts on “The Judge And The Prisoner

  1. Lizardin Bain

    An ingenious way to insure immortality. To trial death – a bold move, though, I’m not sure why death is often portrayed as a “bad” thing. I think, it’s just the end of life; has nothing to do with the act performed before it. But then, who knows…
    Best, Liz

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      I agree with you that death is a natural process. Of course he can not literally be put on trial. I am, however certain that some futurists/transhumanists would (if they could) put him in the dock.
      There is an interesting article in today’s “Daily Mail” regarding brain preservation as a means of achieving eternal life,

      Many thanks for your comment, best, Kevin

      1. Lizardin Bain

        As, I said that would be something. But God complex aside, who would be stupid enough to shatter the balance, I wonder? Anyway, he won’t mind, I think. He has a shitty job, after all. Ah, yes. My mom, oh, so hates when I remind her that for all we know we just brains in a jar, since for the brain there is no difference between real and fantasy. 🙂
        You’re welcome.
        Have a splendid day#

      2. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

        I am fairly sure that I just read (and am now replying) to your comment. But, then again I could be dreaming … I was recently chatting with a friend over a meal and he told me the tale of how 2 men where looking at the moon when one said to the other “if you close your eyes the moon disappears. How do you know that it is still there?” The other man had to agree with him.

      3. Lizardin Bain

        This is exactly the thing. I’m fascinated by this. If to think about it – there’s a lot (if not to say everything) in this life that cannot be 100% proved or disproved. There’s this “if”, “may be”… Curious

      4. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

        Indeed there is. I have had dreams during which I have been convinced that I am awake. Having said that, on awaking I do then distinctly grasp the distinction between dream and wakefullness (but not when caught up in the dream). As has been said many times before, death is but a dream from which we do not awake. Kevin

      5. Lizardin Bain

        Or we do, just don’t know about it. There’s that theory that “the soul” is immortal, and our current personality is just a fraction of it, so when the current life ends – this personality just joins the whole, and we become completely aware of ourselves – like waking up from a dream. Liz

      6. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

        It is a profound and beautiful idea that the soul survives and we become whole after death. I was brought up in the Church of England (Anglicanism), attended a Catholic school and now (and have been for some time) an agnostic. I do, however, remain fascinated by the soul and religion more generally. Best, Kevin

      7. Lizardin Bain

        In my opinion, the idea is as beautiful as it is disturbing. Being whole again is an amazing feeling, I’m sure. But there’s a question of why you needed to be fractured in the first place. Of course, it may be done in order to have an unbiased experience. However, the thought of being split…is not comfortable for me. I’m ortodox. At least, I was raised in the culture. My family is not religious, though. I myself don’t favour religion. It’s fascinating as a tool of control. Plus, no one knows how much truth there’s really. But I do believe in God’s (creators) existence. Best, Liz

      8. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

        I am not sure that we can ever achieve total wholeness (in the sense of being totally at peace, at all times) in this earthly existnece. I do, perhaps achieve an approximation to it when listening to the birds aand (more generally) losing myself in nature. At such times I am one with myself and the natural world of which we are a part. However work and daily chores distracts one from being whole for all of the time. Plus, I believe that we humans are, by our very nature imperfect creatures – the kindness amongst us are capable of thoughtlessness and, on occasions actual cruelty, which prevents us from being whole in the here and now. You are right that religion can be a means of control as can secular religions such as Communism and Fascism where the ideology becomes a substitute religion. People have committed mass murder in the name of Communism and Fascism just as they have in the name of Islam or Christianity. Best, Kevin

      9. Lizardin Bain

        I’m not sure that wholeness means to be totally at peace. Rather, I think, that wholeness is an ability to be aware of what you exactly are and capable of, which, admittedly, is highly improbable.
        Nature is something that brings me peace, as well. In those moments, I can think clearly and probably it’s also the time when I feel mostly myself. I agree with the – here and now – too many distractions around, to be anything but “fractured”.
        Ah, yes, fascinating topic. It’s intriguing to see how deeply darkness reaches and how easily it sways the most strongest minds. Best, Liz

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