Slavery Museum

Walking around the Museum of Slavery, in Liverpool
I come face-to-face with the cruel
Where ships crossed the ocean vast
With their human cargo.

Many a negro
Paid for beautiful properties to be built
By Liverpool merchants who gave
Generously to charity
To set themselves free
From guilt.

Its true
That slavery isn’t new.
It was practiced in Greek and Roman time,
Yet the crime
Of the transatlantic slave trade
Has made
More of a mark
Perhaps because those of lighter skin
Committed the sin
Of taking those of dark
From their native land,
Which was a rejection
Of the truth that beneath the skin
We are one in nature
(Or god the creator),
Depending on your view
Of what is true.

Our love died long ago
And I know
Not what Happened to you.
But I remember walking through
That place
Just Two lovers of different race …


7 thoughts on “Slavery Museum

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      Thank you for liking and commenting on my poem. If I ever visit the United States (which I intend to do one day) I will do my best to visit a former slave plantation. I feel that it is something that I need to do. I studied history and politics at university. There is, however know substitute to seeing for oneself (albeit at a distance in time) what happened in the past and interpreted (as is inevitably the case) through the eyes of others.

      1. Ericajean

        In my home state of Virginia there are certainly places to visit, like the plantations or at least settlements like Jamestown. It is important to see through others’ eyes. I agree!😊

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