Can I ask you a daft question?

Being a guide dog owner brings with it many advantages, (the companionship of a wonderful brindle Labrador/retriever and a highly effective mobility tool being 2 of the most obvious).

During my social and working life I am asked many questions regarding how guide dogs work, most of which are perfectly reasonable. I always answer such queries as its important that people understand the vital role played by guide dogs in enhancing the independence of visually impaired people. I am however sometimes flabbergasted by the daft questions put to me.

I have lost count of the number of occasions when a question along the following lines has been asked, “so does your dog go to work with you?”

I recently came across a variant on the above query. An acquaintance, being aware that I was traveling to Liverpool to visit my mum asked, “so does Trigger (my guide dog) go to Liverpool with you?”

I am known for my dry (some would say sarcastic) sense of humour. Consequently I am highly tempted to reply along the following lines, “no, he will stay in London for the 7 days I shall be in Liverpool. Don’t worry I shall leave him enough food and water to cover my absence. I am, however a little concerned that my home might be rather messy on my return …!”.

I do, however bite my sharp tongue and respond that the whole purpose of a guide dog is to act as a mobility tool. Consequently Trigger goes everywhere with me (the UK Equalities Act makes it an offence for a provider of goods or services to discriminate against a person for a reason related to their disability.

As a guide (or other assistance animal) is necessary to the independence of many disabled people, the Act makes it an offence for restaurants and other establishments to refuse to admit a disabled person when accompanied by their working assistance animal).

I shall continue to smile and patiently explain about the role of guide dogs when confronted by silly questions while, all the time furiously biting my sarcastic tongue …

10 thoughts on “Can I ask you a daft question?

  1. Jack Eason

    Good for you K. The world is full of brain-dead morons. There is an advert on TV about a series concerning a deaf woman working either for the FBI or the CIA reading lips. When an idiot complains about her ‘hearing dog’ being in the restaurant they are in, she tells him “I’m deaf”. To which he replies – “what?”

    Says it all don’t you think? 😉

  2. ellem63

    Oh Kevin, I feel for you … being asked these questions and having to bite your tongue so as not to be rude. The only consolation is in knowing that the majority of these people probably aren’t aware of how silly their questions are. I admire your patience … I don’t know how I would cope with it! 😀

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      Many thanks for your comment. One of the ways in which I cope with such questions is by seeing the humorous side. As the old saying has it, “if you didn’t laugh you would cry”. Or to rephrase it, “if you didn’t laugh, you would give way to sarcasm and/or lose your temper”. All the best, Kevin

  3. nickembreyhotmailcom

    Best of luck biting your tongue…we sponsor a Guide Dog called Irvine, a gorgeous white Lab. We leave pictures of him about the house to regularly remind our own mad, chocolate Lab just how to correctly behave. Alas, Dudley doesn’t seem to be taking the hint though…..

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      Thank you for your comment and for sponsoring a guide dog. I appreciate your kindness in sponsoring someone’s future four-legged friend! Trigger is well behaved while in harness but has been known to steal my colleagues sandwiches when left unattended and/or on the edge of their desks, within easy reach of his searching nose! All the best, Kevin


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