Problems in listening to the podcast of my interview on the World Poetry Reading Series

I would like to apologise for the difficulties encountered by some readers when attempting to listen to the podcast of my recent interview on Vancouver Co-op Radio. Several people, (including my own dear mum)! Have contacted me saying that they could not access the broadcast (a link to which can be found here,

Having (initially) been able to listen to the programme, I was unaware of the problems experienced by others in accessing the broadcast. However, having encountered the same problem while attempting to listen earlier today, I contacted Vancouver Co-op Radio and received the following response which does, essentially boil down to the need to use Google Chrome:

“Our archives are flash based and Google does not support Flash any longer. As an under-resourced organization, we are not in the position to upgrade to
HTML5 for our players until the earliest at the end of 2017.
You can, however, enable flash in your browser. Ensure you have the latest updated version of Google Chrome and you can read the following to help you
understand what is happening:
I hope to get this upgraded or have a temporary solution in place soon”.

Once again, please accept my apologies.


6 thoughts on “Problems in listening to the podcast of my interview on the World Poetry Reading Series

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      You are welcome for the information, Chris. Thanks for the information as regards Apple not allowing Flash on their devices for security reasons. Do you happen to know how users of Apple products can access content of this nature in the absence of Flash, or is it simply a case of owners of Apple devices not being allowed to access material of this kind?

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      Thank you, Annette, I appreciate you saying that.
      Since posting, I have received an email from a reader saying that they accessed the broadcast using an older version of Internet Explorer, so it may be that this is another way of accessing the podcast. All the best, Kevin


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