Anything Accept

It is said that “every man has his price”.
We decry vice,
For the nice
Guy or gal
Not get caught
Doing what they ought
Not to do.
But who
Save the saint
In narratives quaint
Can with honesty say
There has never been a day
(An admission truly shocking),
When temptation came aknocking.

Some may not fall
Yet recall
The devil on their shoulder
Who whispered “you are getting older.
Only the fool
Adheres to the rule
That keeps him poor”.
That door
They may refuse to open,
Yet the devil’s words are spoken
And every word
is heard
By man and child.
Many, like Wilde,
Do persist
And resist
Anything accept temptation.

2 thoughts on “Anything Accept

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      Thank you for your comment Daria. Wilde was (as is so often the case with him) being ironic. By saying that one can “resist anything accept temptation”, he was saying that, in reality we can not resist temptation and we give in to it. Most of his writing is ironic. However his poem “The Balad of Reading Gaol” is a powerful inditement of the 19-century British prison system. Wilde was, as you probably know imprisoned due to being homosexual which was (at that time) a criminal offence. Kevin


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