Composed more or less in realtime while sitting in a garden

The wind blows today.
It will go away
In time leaving me refreshed,
Yet my soul can not for long rest.

Children lark about
And shout.
I doubt
My brain
Which runs like an express train
For long be still.

Listening to the leaves
I perceive
A need to write.
There is delight, in the wind chimes which on occasion sound,
Speaking of things more profound
Than I who am tied to this shifting ground.

The wind has dropped now
And I wonder how
My poem will be understood
By those who would
To find meaning in words that erratically fly,
From one who sits listening to a barking dog, who cares not
A jot
For what
I have to say
On this sunny, wind swept day.

23 thoughts on “Composed more or less in realtime while sitting in a garden

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