Another Great Review Of “The Girl Who Wasn’t There And Other Poems”

Another great review of “The Girl Who Wasn’t There And Other Poems”:


“A commentary on the darker side of daily life, Morris here crafts a collection of poetry designed for the macabre-lovers of the poetry world. Focussing mainly on the exploitation of women via prostitution, this collection deals with social issues, as well as prodding at the dark side of society in an interesting way; seemingly joyous poems are juxtaposed with those obviously crafted with morose intentions, enlightening the reader to how simple emotions – like love for your dog – lives simply along side iniquitous circumstances, like the theme of prostitution, as previously mentioned, and suicidal thoughts because of said circumstances. Not unlike his previous collection, Morris incorporates underlying hints at humour in some of his otherwise darker poems, and interjects dark themes with plainly comedic commentaries. For example, half way through exists a poetic paragraph entitled “Fly”, in which the speaker is frustrated at flies. However, as aforementioned, these poems are weaved through the darker poems, and intermingle with the themes, provoking my thoughts of an alternate meaning at the intentions of some of the funny poems. For example, “Fly” could be less about wanting to kill a fly, and more about wanting to hold some sort of power over a disliked superior’s stronghold; it is not rare we all wish we could “reach for the fly spray” when someone is damming us to dire circumstances, or simply acting as an annoyance. As always, Morris’ work is herein very interesting. Both of his works I’ve read now have left me contemplative, which I find really interesting about his writing. Also, with Morris, there are no gimicks – no fanciful and obvious objective to metaphorically cultivate the reader – just simple, honest, raw writing, interlaced with pure emotion. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy this collection as much as the previous collection I read of Morris’. Thus, I awarded this collection a hearty 4/5 stars. (Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from K Morris in exchange for an honest review. I would like to send a big thank you and congratulations to K Morris for this collection, and its brilliance.)”


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Many thanks to Olivia for taking the time to read and review “The Girl Who Wasn’t There And Other Poems”.


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