Excuse me, Are you In The Queue?

I recently travelled with an acquaintance into London’s Victoria’s mainline station. On arrival I proceeded merrily and with some rapidity towards the ticket barriers.

“Trigger (my guide dog) is pushing in front of the queue” said my acquaintance. Oops!

Being a guide dog Trigger is taught to find a safe way through or around obstacles, including crowds. If my four-legged friend sees a gap, he goes for it with a will. I had no idea Trigger was skirting the queue and everyone queuing was too polite/embarrassed to say anything!

The above incident caused me to ponder on the advantages of being blind (other than the ability to jump queues without being lynched). After some consideration I came up with the below list:


  1. Having learned Braille from a young age I am able to read in the dark. This was particularly useful during my time at boarding school as I continued to read after the dormitory lights had been switched off and we children where supposed to be in the land of nod!
  2. Many tourist attractions and places of entertainment offer either a reduced fee or no payment to disabled people. This often extends to a person accompanying the disabled person. The result – I have lots of friends …!
  3. Any items designed for the blind (E.G. Braille books, magazines and talking books) are sent free of charge using articles for the blind labels meaning I save a fortune on postage!
  4. I get to take my wonderful guide dog, Trigger into places which do not permit other dogs to enter. So I can enjoy a nice hot curry while trigger snoozes at my feet or looks up at me appealingly hoping that a scrap of food will fall from my plate!
  5. The screen on my mobile phone recently developed a crack. As I rely on the phone’s talking software this does not bother me in the least although I am, as it happens probably in need of a new phone for reasons unrelated to the device’s broken screen.

I’m off now to queue jump, purely unintentionally you understand …

9 thoughts on “Excuse me, Are you In The Queue?

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      Indeed it is. People (including me) like to think that Trigger obtained his name from the character in the British comedy series, “Only Fools and Horses”, (a road sweeper of the same name) while others mention Roy Rogers. All guide dogs have their names when you get them so I don’t know the origin of Trigger’s name but I like to think of that road sweeper in Only Fools! Kevin

  1. Kev

    Bless him! Trigger’s taking good care of you. 😉 It’s good to have a positive approach to your blindness, Kev. Bravo!

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      Thanks for your comment Kev. Yes Trigger does a great job despite his liking for stealing other people’s lunches on occasions! He has saved me from walking out in front of vehicles on several occasions.


      Kev (the other one)


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