Working Girl (A Poem)

She does what she has to do

Sees it through

Provides a semblance of love

Wraps him in her hug.


Her thoughts far away

Tonight she must stay

Its all for the pay

Wishes herself far away.


Likes the money and clothes, not the sex, god know!

3 thoughts on “Working Girl (A Poem)

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      Thanks for your comment. There are some escorts who say they are happy in their work, the Honest Courtesan’s WordPress blog being an example of this (Maggie is a retired escort who married a rancher). There, are, on the other hands bloggers such as Rachel Moran who term themselves “survivors”. Moran advocates for the Swedish system under which those who pay for sex are criminilised while the working girl is not, her view being predicated on the assumption that prostitution is always exploititive and that it is the client who creates the demand for the service. Moran describes in her book, “Paid For” a horrendous experience in prostitution while other sex workers portray a more positive image. It is a highly contentious issue to put it mildly! Kevin


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