The Reverie – A New Poetry Journal

Thank you to Laura A Lord for her guest post announcing the launch of a new poetry journal, The Reverie. Good luck to Laura with her project and do please check out her site.




The Reverie is a poetic publication that features submitted original work in a biannual journal. A themed anthology is published once a year.

Which is a fancy way of saying, we are looking for your work! We will be hosting weekly prompts here to get the creative juices flowing, but during our reading periods you are welcome to submit work to us for potential publication.

Please check out our Prompts Page and our Submission Guidelines for information on both of these options.

Visit our anthology page for information on submitting for this year’s theme.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for poetry that is real, brutal, honest. We want the words you are afraid to speak out-loud. We want strong voices that cut through to the heart of the matter at hand. We want to step away from your poetry feeling a little raw. We want words that awaken emotion.

Check out our About page for more info!



Laura A. Lord



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