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Caught In A Trap

In order to sell books you need reviews as, in general readers are not going to pay cold, hard cash only to discover that they have been sold a pup. Of course my books together with those of many other writers are not pups but, as a potential reader it is hard to distinguish between a pup and a full grown pedigree dog in the absence of reviews. Now comes the rub, in order to get a review someone actually needs to have read your masterpiece and taken the time to put fingers to keyboard but, in the absence of any reviews why should one of those lovely readers out there shell out their hard earned money for my (or your) books?! We are, dear reader caught in a vicious circle from which it is impossible to escape!

Well that is not quite the case. Authors can provide free copies of their books in return for what is termed “an honest review” where the recipient of the book writes an unbiased review and states that they have received a complimentary copy of the author’s work. I have gone down this road with my collection of short stories, The First Time (you can find the resulting review here, https://cupitonians.wordpress.com/2014/02/17/the-first-time-book-review/). Writing to bloggers and others who write honest reviews is most certainly worth doing, however, prior to doing so check out what genres the reviewer reviews in order to avoid wasting both the reviewers time and your own!

Another excellent way to obtain reviews is by offering your books free or at a discounted price using Amazon’s KDP Select Programme, https://kdp.amazon.com/select. Human nature being what it is people are, in my experience more likely to take a chance on an unknown or relatively unknown author when their books are free (after all what has the reader to lose other than the time expended in reading the writer’s pearls of wisdom)? If you have a blog and/or a website use it to inform your visitors/followers that your book is available free and provide links facilitating it’s easy download.

I have had some success with KDP Select. My short story, Samantha has attracted 5 4 star reviews as a consequence of me offering it free via KDP Selectand publicising it’s availability via this blog, newauthoronline.com.

Ah but what about the elephant in the room I hear you ask. Free downloads don’t put money in an author’s pocket. This is, quite blatantly correct. However reviews gained as a consequence of offering your books free (assuming they are good reviews) means that it is more likely readers will open their wallets and purchase your books. Good luck with your writing and book sales!

(For my Amazon Author Page please visit http://www.amazon.co.uk/K.-Morris/e/B00CEECWHY/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0).

New Tool For Authors To Promote Their Work

amazon.co.uk and amazon.com have introduced a new discount tool which allows authors to discount the price of their book. The tool is different from the KDP Select Promotions Manager which enables authors to offer their e-books free of charge for up to 5 days in any 90 day period. For further information please see below which has been taken from an e-mail I received from Amazon.


“We are excited to introduce our newest KDP Select benefit – Kindle Countdown Deals. This is a new book promotion tool that lets you provide readers with

time-bound promotional discounts for your Kindle books, available on Amazon.com and



Here are some of the benefits of Kindle Countdown Deals:


list of 5 items

• Set time-bound promotions – You control how long your book is discounted. The time remaining for your promotion will be visible for customers to help

generate excitement for the price discount.

• Customers get a great deal – Your customers will see the great deal they’re getting with the regular price included on the book’s detail page, right beside

the promotional price.

• Retain a 70% royalty rate – You will earn royalties based on your regular royalty rate and the promotional price. As a result, if you are using the 70%

royalty option, you’ll earn 70% even if the price is below $2.99.

• Increase discoverability – Customers can easily browse live Kindle Countdown Deals at


– a great way for you and your books to get discovered.

• Monitor performance in real-time – A new KDP report displays sales and royalties at each price discount side-by-side with pre-promotion performance, so

you can compare results.”



For detailed information on the workings of Kindle CountDown Deals please visit the below link https://kdp.amazon.com/self-publishing/help?topicId=201298260&ref_=pe_445910_34749920