On 19 February, I received my first shot of the Fizer Corona vaccine,

I am pleased to report that thus far I have experienced no side effects and I would strongly encourage anyone who remains unsure about being vaccinated, to take the plunge, do I mean jab! When offered the opportunity.

I look forward to sipping pints in a pub garden once more with friends, hopefully in the near future!

My only complaint is that no one offered me a piece of cake or a nice cup of tea following my vaccination. I shall be writing a strongly worded letter of complaint to Matthew Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health about that! I feel sure that, having received my letter, he will immediately order all vaccination centres to stock up with assorted cakes and a good variety of teas to cater for all tastes!

11 thoughts on “Vaccinated

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Thanks Chris. You mean I shouldn’t have hosted that wild tarts and vicars party at my home yesterday evening! Seriously, I’m sure you are right. All the best. Kevin

  1. EDC Writing/Believing Sight Unseen

    Good to hear Kevin! I had a jab on the 10th Feb and my wife had hers today – both Oxford/AZ which is more than plenty good enough (I’m a scientist, read the peer reviewed stuff, ignore the online bollocks, and dickheads in the EU) – both my daughters (frontline NHS) are heading for their 2nd dose of the Pfizer jab in a couple of weeks – they’ve had no side-effects at all. All the best, Eric.

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Thanks for your comments, Eric. I’m glad that you, your wife and daughters have all had the vaccine. Unfortunately there is, as you say, a lot of rubbish online. I just stick to reading the NHS material, which is what I urge others to do when they express concerns about the vaccines. Of course all medications have potential side effects. There is not a single medication which does not. However the overwhelming majority of people vaccinated will have no side effects, or very mild ones, and a bit of an ache in my right arm (which has now almost disappeared) is much better than contracting Corona. All the best. Kevin


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