The COVID Recovery Group

I agree with the views of the COVID Recovery Group, as set out in their letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson,

If the reports are correct (and hospitality businesses in tiers 1 and 2 will have to serve a substantial meal along with alcohol), then, I fear that many local pubs which are the bedrock of communities, will fold and society will be poorer for their loss.

I joined the Conservative Party because I believe in individual liberty, and I’m delighted that this group has emerged to champion a less draconian approach to tackling the Corona virus.

2 thoughts on “The COVID Recovery Group

  1. V.M.Sang

    Kevin, it would be great if we could trust people to behave sensibly, but from what I’ve noticed, that isn’t true in many, if not most, cases.
    Yesterday I went to my local town. On the way I saw a neighbour talking to her next door neighbour standing less than 1 m apart.
    In the town, (a seaside town) no one walking along the seafront took any precautions to distance themselves when passing others.
    I’ve seen people come out of the toilets in supermarkets and go straight out (to handle food) without washing their hands, or at best, dribble them under the tap.
    Not as many people use the hand-sanitisers as did at the beginning.
    One doctor stated that the single most effective way of preventing infection is social distancing, but people aren’t doing it, even with the restrictions.
    I agree that to restrict our liberties is not a good thing, but I see no other way if people won’t be sensible of their own free will.
    Look at what is happening in the US where, on the whole, there are little or no restrictions. Or Brazil. There the virus is out of control. More and more people are dying.
    And it’s not just death. There are appearing long term effects. It attacks other organs besides the lungs, including heart, liver, kidneys, and even brain. And causes a long, debilitating tiredness.
    Much as I hate the restrictions, because of the way people are, I see no choice. People are having parties, for goodness sake, even with the restrictions.

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Many thanks for your comments Vivienne.

      I think that both Brazil and the USA have problems particular to those countries, namely the fact that their respective presidents greatly downplayed the seriousness of the virus. For example the president of Brazil did, I understand compare COVID to a bad cold. This downplaying of the virus has contributed to people not taking it seriously in both nations thereby contributing to the spread of the virus. Although the UK government has made mistakes in handling the virus, it has not downplayed the dangers of COVID-19.

      I agree with you that some individuals show a disregard for the welfare of others. However this is not unique to the present situation. I have often observed people (prior to the pandemic) not washing their hands after using the toilet and walking out and eating nuts and other food left on the bar. This is one reason why I’m reluctant to eat bar food unless it has just been put out and I can be sure that no one has placed their mucky paws on it!

      You are right to draw attention to the same situation in the context of COVID. However, as in the case of bar food, this is nigh on impossible to police. One can not control every stupid act by every human being and there is, ultimately little one can do other than educate people (starting with children) to behave responsibly.

      I believe the COVID Recovery Group is absolutely right to ask for a cost benefit analysis of the government’s measures. I am 51 now and do, I hope have many more years in front of me. But it wont be just me paying taxes as a consequence of the pandemic, it will be future generations also. The costs to future generations, the mental and physical wellbeing of the present generation, all of these need to be taken into account when formulating policy. So what the COVID Recovery Group is asking for is, in my opinion eminently sensible.

      I am type2 diabetic which means (if I go into hospital) I am more likely to become seriously ill than many other people who do not have long-term health conditions. However I want to be left to make my own decisions, as a free individual so far is humanly possible. I wear a mask in shops, on public transport Etc so do my bit to keep myself and others safe.

      Best wishes. Kevin


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