Writing Blind

This list of writers, who where blind makes for interesting reading, https://blog.bookstellyouwhy.com/from-homer-to-borges-a-list-of-blind-writers. The list includes Homer (although there is debate as to whether the author of the Iliad did, in fact exist), John Milton, James Joyce and Borges.

In terms of living writers, I am aware of Giles L Turnbull, http://gilesturnbullpoet.com/ and Victoria Zigler, http://www.zigler.co.uk/victoria.htm, both of whom are blind. Coincidentally Giles and I attended Swansea University at the same time, and Giles has been kind enough to write a review of my book, “The Writer’s Pen and Other Poems“.
I have had the pleasure of meeting Victoria (Tori) and her husband Kelly. So I am personally acquainted with 2 blind writers.

I myself am also blind and have written about my visual impairment here, https://scvincent.com/2017/02/06/guest-author-kevin-morris-visual-impact/.

While being visually impaired may exert an impact on the way in which writers express themselves, this is not, in my experience a primary determinant as regards their literary output.

As always I would be interested in the comments of my readers.


22 thoughts on “Writing Blind

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Thank you. With the growth of technologies such as JAWS and Apple’s Voiceover, it is much easier than it once was for blind people to write. However writing when one has a visual impairment certainly is not without its difficulties. Best – Kevin

      1. blindzanygirl

        So true Kevin. I have not got JAWS as it is so expensive, but one day maybe

      2. Donna W. Hill

        Jaws is expensive, but you can download and use in 40-minute mode forever. They also have Jaws annual which is a lot cheaper, and they’re having good deals at the NFB and ACB conventions. If you call and mention that, they might give you a discount code. I got one a few weeks ago.

      3. blindzanygirl

        Thanks adonna. Is this in England? Sorry, I don’t know where you come from, and don’t recognise the names of thise conventions. That sounds really interesting.thankyou

      4. Donna W. Hill

        Hi, no, it’s in the USA. NFB is the National Federation of the Blind, and ACB is the American Council of the Blind. They both have summer conventions in July and people from the companies that make accessible products show up and present their products.

  1. Donna W. Hill

    Kevin, There are many others as well. I for instance have an educator-recommended novel called “The Heart of Applebutter Hill.” Others I know include Phyllis Campbell, Kristen Witucki, Amy-Krout-Horn, Jo Elizabeth Pinto, Patty Campbell, Abby Taylor Johnson, Shelley Alongi, Jerry Whittle, Justin Oldham, Lynda Lambert and I know I’m forgetting some.

    These are all contemporary published authors, most with more than one book to their credit. Just as blindness is experienced across all racial, religious, ethnic, economic, age, sexual preference and intellectual lines, blind people cover the perspectives of a vast cross-section of society. It’s part of what I like to call our unique value to the world.

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Many thanks for your comment, Donna. Some of the visually impaired writers you mention I am already familiar with and I owe an apology to them for not having included them here. Some of the others you mention I have not yet come into contact with, but will ensure that I check out their work. You are absolutely right – writing as a visually impaired person cuts across racial, sociel and other barriers. Thanks again for your great comments. Kevin

  2. lifeatablur

    Thank you for posting this as it is always nice to find poets and authors that I feel familiar with. I am visually impaired, legally blind but do have some sight. I enjoy reading others work and love to emotionally support as well

      1. K Morris Poet Post author

        Its good to hear from you, Donna. You are right, there is a lot of support for visually impaired writers. Best wishes – Kevin

      2. Donna W. Hill

        Hi LifeAtABlur, You’re welcome. I tried to find your site, but all I got was your Gravitar page. I would like to know your name and what you’re up to. If you’d like to connect, there’s an Accessible Contact Form for screen reader users that appears as a link near the top of the page at: http://DonnaWHill.com


  3. Donna W. Hill

    Kevin, I forgot Deborah Kent (now Kent-Stein) who had a publishing contract in the ’80s & did a YA series called “Why Me?” as well as “Belonging.” She’s now the editor of Future Reflections. Also Meredeth Bourton whose “Blind Beauty…” book of fairy tales is on BARD. Also, the American writer Tony Hillerman who died a few years ago, was blind for a short time as a result of a war injury. I read about that one in his memoir “Seldom Disappointed.”


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