3 Poems By Poet Toby Wheeler

I posted recently regarding a poetry reading (which has now taken place), https://kmorrispoet.com/2019/03/08/forthcoming-poetry-reading-and-a-selected-poems/. For various reasons the attendance was small, however this added to the intimacy of the occasion, as my fellow poets and I where able to interact much more with the audience than would have been possible, had the event been a larger gathering.

One of the poets who participated in the event was my friend, Toby Wheeler. Toby has kindly given permission for 3 of his poems to be reproduced below. Please note, all of these poems are copyright of Toby Wheeler and may not be reproduced without the explicit written permission of the poet.

We’d Fly Rings Around the Moon

On quiet nights,

I think of you

And the thought of your embrace.

If only your heart would know me,

We’d fly rings around the Moon.

When the sun breaks

And I wake

To find I am in love,

I get this hurt,

That lingers.

If only your heart would open,

We’d fly rings around the Moon.

To be your lover by night

And friend by day,

And really get to know you.

If only it would be – I know,

That one day,

We’d fly rings around the Moon.

You know I would,

I’d slash the sky

To spend a day with you.

And if you loved me true,

And dreams could be,

We would fly rings around the Moon.


Rolling on the ocean foam,

With skies above

And sharks below,

I ramble round the seven seas – to nowhere.

I twist in the current and churn with the waves,

Tempests crash,

Hurricanes pass,

The sunny days are welcome.

The peace and cold and wetness told,

And creatures use my shade as home;

For I’m shelter where hurt fish cry,

A lushes shade in this vastness supply.

But now I pose in a man-made shade

In an earthwork dug from spades;

As I reached a shore, was grabbed and adorned,

And in a landscape garden here was laid.

I wanna be your cup of tea

I wanna be the taste in your tea and the brew that makes you stormy,

I wanna be the Earl Grey’s warmth, that kisses and keeps you cosy;

I wanna be the soothing sip that ah-s you while at work; and be that very mug of builders that quenches your morning thirst;

I wanna be the honey lemon that always makes you smile, and be the one you moan to, over a camomile;

I wanna be your PG Tips, your Yorkshire on the side,

And love me like milk with one sugar, and keep me by your side;

At night I’ll be your human cosy, that’s sure to keep you warm,

And whatever life may throw at us, a cuppa will keep us calm.

I don’t want much, just want your love, the Earl to your Lady Grey;

And promise me you’ll let me be, forever your favourite, cup of tea.

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