The Strange Friendship Between A Jewish Couple And A High Ranking Nazi That Survived The War

An interesting article about a relationship between a high ranking Nazi in the German Propaganda Ministry and a Jewish couple. Interestingly the relationship continued after World War II and the horrors of the Final Solution, (

4 thoughts on “The Strange Friendship Between A Jewish Couple And A High Ranking Nazi That Survived The War

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      Thanks for your comment Tess. You are right. There where a number of people who obtained high positions in the Third Reich who desired power and prestige but where not especially (or at all) anti-semitic. However there where many others (the overwhelming majority) who subscribed to the immoral and illogical racial and genocidal policies of the regime. Individuals are not always logical. They can dislike (or hate) a particular group while having feelings of friendship for individuals within it. Witness for example the relationships between white slave owners in the United States and their black female slaves. Many of these where based on force. There is, however evidence of slave owners making provisions for the freeing of their black mistress and her children on the death of the master. This, obviously in no way excuses slavery but it does show what a complex beast a human being can be. Kevin


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