Of Roots And Wreckage – A Guest Post By Author Laura A Lord

Many thanks to Laura A Lord for the below guest post. I have pre-ordered Laura’s latest book, “Of Roots And Wreckage” and look forward to reading it on it’s release in June 2015. For Laura’s website please visit, (http://lauraalord.com/).



Laura A. Lord is the author of numerous collections of vignettes and poetry and one awesome children’s book about a T-Rex screwing up her entire day. It’s absolutely a true story.

Laura’s work has been featured in The Beacon, The Collegian, Whirl with Words, Tipsy Lit, Precipice, Scary Mommy, The Powder Room, The Reverie Journal, and Massacre Magazine.

Her newest collection, Of Roots and Wreckage, focuses heavily on where she grew up. Split into three sections, this collection explores the ideas of “roots” and hometowns, of people and change, of aging and death.

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Here is a selection from Of Roots and Wreckage:


Summer’s heat made a hazy

playground visage of the street –

lightening muted colors

from the limp rag plastic signs.

Dead breeze.

Fried grease.

The gum stuck to the bottom of

my shoe and snaps with

a smack with every step like

it were still stuck between the

plump red lips of that over-dressed

old woman with her small wire

cart and her flamingo pink umbrella,

with her life packed into every square

crevasse of skin mapped out in

the wrinkles of days past

and I am young and stupid here,

with my skirt too short and my flat

belly exposed, so that the bare

expanse of my legs is a railroad

track straight to the heart of the

issue with fourteen year old girls

and their ignorant lust.

The world hangs heavy and wags

a finger in my direction to lure

me over to this place where the cream

has melted into the asphalt and

the balloons are deflated piles

of rubbery mass on the ground and the

gum smacks on my shoe, while

that battle-axe woman,

that ancient grin

with its black toothed gaping maw,

is welcoming me in to this carnival,

this celebration,

of my future scrawl.

© Laura A. Lord 2015


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