The Daydreamer Challenge Day 2

Can anyone please tell me why I am putting pen to paper (albeit of the virtual kind). You see, the fact is I simply can’t remember. Ah, (Kevin leaps out of his chair scattering ink well and quill pens in all directions), I remember now, I am participating in day 2 of the Daydreamer Challenge, which is being run by the Teen Daydreamer. For day 2 participants are asked to choose a word which best describes them and write a short piece regarding it. In addition those participating are asked to do something or other., (Kevin scratches his head and looks heavenwards for inspiration). Ah, got it! Participants are also requested to make up a word which best describes them.

Without further adoo here is my word – absent-minded! Being a writer my mind is often filled with ideas for my next short story or whether that poem which I wrote earlier really expresses what I thought, at the time of writing it expressed. My preoccupation with matters literary has caused me to feed my guide dog, Trigger twice, (strange he doesn’t seem to object to that)! I also recollect desperately trying to find my watch only to discover that it was on my wrist all the time!

Turning to my made-up word, I will plump for writerreality. For me, as an author my characters appear to me as real people and their trials and tribulations take on a life of their own, hence writerreality.

For information on day 2 of the Daydreamer Challenge please visit



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