This above all to thine own self be true

How not to write? Now that is a big question!

The primary rule when writing is to express oneself honestly. Write what you need to and let the consequences go hang. I am not encouraging aspiring authors to go out of their way to offend people. Such an approach is purile and smacks of the school boy who uses filthy words in order to gain a reaction from adults. What I am saying, to quote Shakespeare is “this above all to thine own self be true”. There is no point in writing if the author is constantly looking over their shoulder to see if anyone is wagging fingers in his or her direction. To write under these constraints will, almost certainly result in the production of stilted compositions. Writing with integrity may result in criticism, some of it expressed intemperately so you will need to develop a duck’s back so that the immoderate criticism runs off you without causing major problems. Intemperately voiced criticism does hurt, however if you believe in your project the pain will be worthwhile.

Don’t write while you are tired. Almost always this will lead to you producing work which is below the standard of which you are capable. If you feel your brain wandering or your eyelids heavy with sleep take a break, go for a walk or simply go to bed! Coming back to your writing with a fresh mind will make all the difference to the quality of the final composition.

I can feel myself tiring now so I’ll stop. My fatigue is entirely my own fault and results from me getting up at 6 am! Good night or do I mean good morning!

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