The Observer

Not a flicker of emotion showed in the green eyes as the sceene unfolded below.

“If I can’t have you then no one is going to have you” the man screamed at the girl as she locked the leather suitcase.

“Its over Michael. Can’t you get it through your thick skull that I don’t love you any more”.

“How can you say that? I’d do anything for you. I moved from Glasgow to London to be with you. I gave up my job and you tell me (he paused fighting back tears), and you walk in here, having been with another man and calmly tell me that its all over! Like hell its all over. You selfish little whore. All those times when you told me that you where doing the night shift in the hospital you where with him, don’t you dare deny it, I fucking know you where”.

“You’re a loser Michael. You always where and you will always be a waste of space. I must have been blind not to spot the word loser branded on your forhead when we first met”.

The girl picked up her suitcase and headed for the door. Unobserved the onlooker shifted his position. With mild curiosity he continued to watch  the unfolding drama.

“You’ll leave here over my dead body. Who the fuck do you think you are? You’re going nowhere” Michael shouted as he moved to block the girl’s exit.

“Let me past Michael” the girl said attempting to push him away from the bedroom door.

“Don’t touch me you fucking bitch” Michael said his fist crashing into her nose. Feeling sick and dazed the girl  staggered backwards collapsing on the bed, blood flowing from her broken nose.

Michael approached the cowering girl.

“You are going nowhere Lucy”.

Lucy’s terrified eyes met his.

“Please Michael don’t”.

“Don’t what? You dirty little whore”.

“Don’t” she said tears flowing down her face.

He stood looking down at the girl for a long time. Her pleading eyes sought for a flicker of humanity in his Gaze. There was none. Slowly Michael’s hands moved downwards. An inkling of her fate came to Lucy a millisecond prior to Michael’s fingers closing around her neck. She attempted to scream but the sound was choked off by his merciless grasp. The girl struggled for a minute then her body went limp. Michael continued to apply pressure long after the life had gone out of the girl. Eventually he came to himself and let go. Standing back from the bed he gazed at Lucy. She looked so beautiful her long black hair spread out over the pillows.

“Christ what have I done? What have I done?”

All the hate had gone out of Michael. He felt dead inside. The girl he had loved with such distructive passion was dead at his hands. Life was bleak and empty. Michael wandered into the kitchen. Opening the cutlery drawer he removed the knife. It had come with the wok which Lucy and he had purchased together in happier times. The knife was designed for chopping up meat and was ideally suited for what he had in mind.

From his vantage point the watcher saw Michael return. He saw him lie down next to Lucy. He observed the flash of the blade as it sliced into Michael’s throat. He heard Michael’s death rattle followed by the drip, drip of something unspeakable onto the bedroom carpet. He had seen enough. With a graceful movement the cat jumped from Lucy and Michael’s balcony to that of the neighbouring flat. A cat after all requires to be fed and is not overly concerned with who provides his meals.

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