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My friend Shanelle is volunteering in Zimbabwe to educate young people about HIV/AIDS

I have received the below email from my friend, Shanelle who will be volunteering in Zimbabwe, in July to help educate young people about HIV/AIDS. Any help anyone can give would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,


“I have
until the 20th
June to raise just under £300 so I can volunteer for 10 weeks in Zimbabwe. I will be working in Bulawayo with other British volunteers for a charity called
Progressio, delivering workshops that will empower young people and educate them on HIV and AIDS awareness.
I would really appreciate it if you took the time to donate to my justgiving page, or shared the link to your Facebook wall/social media pages and let
your family and friends know. Thank you!


Shanelle Webb”.

Russian Roulette Part 2

Below is the final part of my story Russian Roulette. For part 1 please visit http://newauthoronline.com/2013/08/10/russian-roulette-part-1/. The actions of John are stupid in the extreme and I do not in any way endorse them. However the duty of a writer is to describe the world in all it’s facets not just the pleasant aspects and this is what I attempt to do in the story below.


John felt that familiar tingle of excitement as he entered the flat. His stomach lurched and his penis twitched with anticipation at the delights to come.

“Money darling”.

The girl spoke with a thick Eastern European accent. John wondered idly where she was from. Poland or Bulgaria he guessed as many of the prostitutes operating in London where Polish or Bulgarian.

“Is bareback included? It says on the site that BB is included in the price”.

“No darling I don’t do it without a condom”.

John could feel the excitement draining away.

“But it says on the site that you do unprotected sex”.

“No darling, everything with a condom”.

John walked towards the front door.

“OK darling you can do BB for £200” the girl said stepping between him and the front door.

“It says on the site £100”.

“100 with a condom and £200 BB”.

“I have £150 here, I can’t give you any more” John said holding out the money.

The girl hesitated for a moment before taking the cash and placing it in her handbag.

“You like nice relaxing massage?”

John nodded. The girl gestured towards the bedroom the door to which stood ajar. He entered closely followed by the girl.

“Take off your clothes darling”.

John undressed and lay face down on the bed. With a barely audible sigh the girl slipped out of her flimsy dress and tiny skirt. Moving across to the bed she began by massaging John’s shoulders. The tension began to drain away and John’s body relaxed. The girls’s hands glided over his back. John grunted with pleasure as she parted his legs and began to stroke his penis.

He rolled over and the girl moved to sit on his engorged penis.

“Not yet” John gasped. He loved to savour the moment prior to penetrating a woman. God what a thrill. There was nothing like it, the feel of a penis unencumbered by a condom sliding in and out of a wet pussy. The possibility of contracting HIV added an extra frisson.  Life was boring he needed a little spice and the possibility of getting infected made him sick with desire and excitement.

The girl’s vagina rubbed against his penis sending shivers of delight throughout his body. Eventually he could stand the temptation no more. With a moan he entered the girl. In a matter of minutes it was all over. Without a word John dressed and without a backward look left the flat.

Lying in bed that night John, as was always the case following unprotected sex with a prostitute began to reproach himself. Russian roulette. That was what he was playing and in such a game sooner or later the gun would go off. He tried to rationalise his behaviour. He knew from his researches that the chances of a hetrosexual man contracting HIV from one encounter with an infected woman was in the region of 1-2%. The chances increased depending on the viral load of the infected woman and whether she was taking medication to reduce her HIV symptoms. Indeed he knew that some people taking anti retroviral drugs had an almost undetectable viral load. But however he tried to rationalise his actions John was playing with fire and he knew it. But playing with fire was thrilling. You could get burned but that was, if he was brutally honest with himself the primary reason why he had unprotected sex with prostitutes – to relieve the tedium of his humdrum life working in his 9-5 job in the bank. So what if he did get infected? With modern drugs he could live an almost normal life so the prospect of infection didn’t bother him unduly. Sooner or later the luck of the boy who had played Russian roulette with his father’s gun was going to run out.


The end

Pretty Woman?

In December 2012 I published The First Time, a collection of short stories. The main story, The First Time deals with Becky, a young graduate who enters the world of prostitution as a professional escort in order to pay off her credit card bill. I explore the consequences of Becky’s decision both for Becky and her fellow escort and friend Julie.

As with Becky the young student (I’m not sure whether this should be former student), Emma Gould enters the sex industry due to running up a large debt. However Emma’s story is fact while The First Time is fictional albeit based on extensive research into the world of sex work. With Becky it is her taste for the good things in life (expensive consumables and pricey restaurants) which cause her to enter into debt. In Emma’s case her problems stem from an addiction to alcohol.

The First Time deals with the world of outcall escorting (I.E. where a client pays for the escort to visit him (or her) in their home or hotel room. Escorting is, on the whole safe as escorts or their agencies check out via the phone book that people are who they claim to be prior to a sex worker visiting them. In contrast Emma Gould prostituted herself on the street which poses far more dangers. Street prostitutes are subject to far more acts of violence and, sadly, in some instances death than are outcall escorts. Emma survived to relate her experiences in the Daily Mail but many others haven’t.

For the article on Emma Gould please visit http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2307253/Pretty-student-Emma-Gould-admits-turning-prostitution-help-fund-alcohol-addiction.html. For my book, The First Time please see http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-First-Time-ebook/dp/B00AIK0DD6. For a review of my latest book, Samantha which tells the story of a young girl forced into prostitution in the city of Liverpool please visit http://www.amazon.co.uk/product-reviews/B00BL3CNHI/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1