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Dark Corners And Brutality

An interesting review of “Lost Girls” in which the author, Robert Colker details the murder of 5 young sex workers and the police’s lack of interest in protecting sex workers from violent clients. The author of the article leans towards the view that the best way to protect prostitutes is by criminalising the “Johns” (clients. The majority of the comments following on from the piece endorse the Nordic model under which the client who pays for sex is criminalised while the sex worker is not. However a number of other commenters, including sex workers believe that the article lacks neutrality and is a thinly veiled pro-criminalisation of the client piece of propaganda. Such criminalisation will not help sex workers but will render their occupations more dangerous these commenters contend.

For the article please visit http://observer.com/2013/07/getting-off-easy-how-prostitutes-became-the-new-expendables/

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