Totally Irrational Thinking

Jack makes a good case for electronic books. As someone who is registered blind and unable to read print, I would add to Jack’s list the fact that Kindle titles have text to speech enabled which means that those who are unable to read print can have books read out loud to them. There are, however advantages to traditional (paper) books. Paperbacks and Hardbacks are a pleasure to handle which does, I believe help to explain why many people still value them. 2 friends (both under 30) prefer paper books to ebooks, so it is not just a case of the older generation not purchasing ebooks, many young people still value traditional books. On a practical point, ebooks can be withdrawn and this can (in thery at least) mean that Amazon can remove them from Kindles. This clause is, I think still buried somewhere in Amazon’s Terms and Conditions.

Have We Had Help?


The one thing that every writer, whether traditional or Indie, whose books are published in e-book form have in common, particularly in non American markets like here in the land of the literary curmudgeon where the printed book is still preferred, is the vehement prejudice against the relatively new publishing format we choose to use. Because they hate the idea of the e-book, they are missing out on so many great tales. Whether they like it or not, the e-book is the next evolution in the history of publishing.

As far as they are concerned, if they can’t hold a book in their hands and physically turn the pages, from their completely illogical point of view the electronic file is not a proper book.

What utter bilge!

I wonder if any of them realise how totally irrational they sound? Whether they like it or not the e-book is here to…

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