Book review – More Poetic Meanderings by K. Morris #poetry #poetrycommunity

I was delighted to receive this review, which can also be found on Goodreads.

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What Amazon says

“More Poetic Meanderings” is a collection of poems that explores the complexities of life through the lens of the human experience. Each poem offers a unique perspective on various themes, such as love, loss, mortality, pain, joy, hope, and the beauty of nature.

The collection begins with an introductory poem that sets the tone for the rest of the book. The collection delves into deep themes, such as the meaning of life, the struggle for self-discovery, and the beauty of nature.

My review

This collection of poetry demonstrates the poet’s talent at its best. I have read other collections by K. Morris and his poems about the fragility of life and the shadow of death that lies over all creatures from the moment of their births are my firm favourites.

The poet has a remarkable way of highlighting the best things in life by contrasting them with…

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