The Nazi Propagandists Must Be Chuckling In Their Graves

There is a story circulating that the Syrian chemical attack was staged. The story eminates from Russian TV (no surprise there then)! Sadly this garbage has been picked up by the usual suspects – I’ve just seen a blog written by a UK-based blogger on the far-left of the political spectrum and, doubtless the “story” has also been picked up by bloggers on the far-right of the political spectrum.

Birds of a feather flock together and its instructive how the far-left and the far-right are so keen to repeat the blatant propaganda pumped out by Kremlin mouth pieces such as Russia Today. Anyone would think that there loyalty is not to the values of liberal democracy which prevail here in the west. Perish the thought. How could one even suggest such a thing!

Unfortunately such people also repeated the various conspiracy theories put out by Russia regarding the Salisbury poisoning, including the outrageous and preposterous lie that the UK was involved in the attempted murder.

I have no desire to engage in virtual fisticuffs with the bloggers who peddle such stuff, consequently I have not linked to the articles in question. Anyone interested can, however Google the story together with the reactions to it.



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