Kipling May Regret

In the restaurant its just the waiter and I,
While outside the window Vehicles speed by.
“There are a lot of beautiful women outside today”,
He remarks by way
Of conversation.
I drink
My wine and think
About this nation
On who’s empire the sun would never set.

Kipling may regret,
The sun continues to shine
And there is curry and wine,
While in the street
Multiracial feet
Beating out a more or less harmonious song.

8 thoughts on “Kipling May Regret

      1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

        Your comment isn’t insensative in any manner whatsoever Daria. We live in a visual world and I’m delighted that my words conjured up a picture in your mind. On a slightly different (though related) matter, I often say to friends “see you later” or “see you around”. Such forms of speech are as commonplace to me as they are to sighted persons. Please keep commenting, its always good to have your perspective. Kevin Virus-free.

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