Check before you hit that “Publish” button in the WordPress dashboard!

The importance of checking prior to hitting the “publish” button on the WordPress dashboard was brought home to me this morning. I had (as is my usual practice) composed a poem entitled “Birds that Fly” using Microsoft Word. I then cut and pasted my poem into the edit field in “compose a new post” and, having selected tags and categories hit the “Publish” button. Up popped the dreaded “Mozilla crash reporter” indicating that something had gone awry. Having saved my poem in Word I wasn’t unduly concerned and restarted Firefox. Great! My draft had been automatically saved and all I had to do was hit the “publish” button for the second time. This I duly did only to find that “Birds that Fly” had (despite the earlier crash) in fact been published, leaving me with 2 posts with precisely the same content, including tags and categories! Had I taken a moment to check, prior to hitting the “Publish” button whether my earlier post had gone live, I could have avoided having to delete the extraneous copy thereby avoiding potential confusion among my readers. I will, in future double check when the internet crashes as to whether a post has, in fact gone live rather than merrily hitting the “Publish” button!



6 thoughts on “Check before you hit that “Publish” button in the WordPress dashboard!

  1. Jay Dee

    Although this hasn’t happened to me, another thing happens. Whenever I use my WordPress iPhone app to draft a post (usually a post with photos I took with my phone), I do my editing on my computer, choose the categories and tags, then publish. I fail to realise that it’s also posted under the Uncategorized category. I posted a few like this. Very annoying.


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