There But For The Grace Of

One of my favourite restaurants, the Thai Crystal, which is situated some 20 minutes walk from my home, was hit by a bus at 6:30 am on 23 September. Extensive damage was done to the front of the building but, fortunately the staff who live on the premises where uninjured, while the bus driver received only minor injuries. Had the accident taken place on a busy evening there is little doubt there could have been serious injuries or worse. I thank god (or fate) that the accident happened when it did.



2 thoughts on “There But For The Grace Of

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      Thanks Chris. I also am extremely thankful that I wasn’t eating there at the time. Its rather humbling as the lady who owns the establishment lost her entire family in the Thai earthquake in mid 2000 and her experience of loss has put the crash of yesterday into perspective for her. She is a remarkable woman. Kevin


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