North Korea is Murdering People With Disabilities North Korean Defector Says

On 30 November I published a post entitled “Lets Talk About Eugenics”, ( In that piece I wrote about how eugenics has been embraced by people with divergent political views, including leading socialists, conservatives, liberals and, in the most extreme manifestation of eugenic measures Nazi Germany.

Eugenics lead, in it’s most virulent form to the Action T-4 Programme ( under which the Third Reich sterilised and murdered thousands of disabled people. One would hope that the attitudes which lead to Action T-4 perished with the defeat of Hitler’s Germany. However according to defectors from North Korea the killing of people with disabilities continues apace, (, with the disabled being used as guinea pigs in medical experiments and being forceably removed from their parents. Words such as horrific can not do justice to the barbarity of what the North Korean regime is inflicting on people with disabilities and the populace in general.

6 thoughts on “North Korea is Murdering People With Disabilities North Korean Defector Says

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      I think it is much easier to commit atrocities in totalitarian states where their exists no independent media and the populace are terrified to challenge the regime. In a society with democratic institutions such abuses would be picked up by the media, human rights organisations etc. There have been a number of cases of terrible cruelty perpetrated on the elderly and people with learning difficulties in the UK. Some of these have been picked up by the media and in another case relatives caught the abusers by employing a hidden camera. The abusers where taken to court, convicted and imprisoned. I know that China had (probably still does) a policy of sterilising people with certain genetic conditions, however, to the best of my knowledge there is no state sanctioned programme for killing people with disabilities. So, to answer your question North Korea is the only country of which I am aware (in the 21st century) in which it appears that the disabled are systemmatically abused (although the position of disabled people is extremely bad in other countries, for example I remember talking to a lady who worked for an African charity and her telling me how, in many villages the disabled are kept in cupboards due to the “shame” felt by their parents at having given birth to a disabled child).

      1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

        You are welcome. Yes the internet is a wonderful tool. Slightly off topic, it always amuses me when the internet gets blamed for society’s problems because it is, as you say a tool and, like a tool it can be used for good or bad purposes. We wouldn’t say a hammer is bad merely because a killer chooses to murder with it. Yet, when something happens which can be tied, however remotely to the internet the world wide web gets it with both barrels. For example someone meets a lunatic on internet dating, they meet in the real (off-line) world and he (or she) is harmed. The cry goes up “control” the internet and yet far more people meet lunatics (without the intervention of technology) than do so via it’s assistance.

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