A fish in an aquarium.

Tank brightly eluiminated so he can be observed swimming, swimming.

Encased in glass.

Water just the correct temperature.

Fed, content he swims.

Happily he glides through his regulated world, for ever observed.


A man travels on a train,

CCTV keeps him safe from pain.

Watched he sits contentedly munching, crunching.

For “your protection, CCTV operates throughout this train/station”.

The man is grateful, feels “safe” wrapped in his protective case.

Muggers, thieves are watched along, of course with him but, having nothing to fear he smiles, tut tuts at a headline in the paper and dozes, the movement of the train lulling him to sleep in this insulated world.

He dreams of yester year. A boy growing up, unobserved, free to roam.

Waking he shakes his head sadly,

“The world is a different place from when I was a boy. We must give up a little bit of freedom for the good of society. I have nothing to fear for I’m doing nothing wrong”, he thinks glancing at the camera which observes, keeping him, and the other good people “safe” from harm.


A woman plants a camera to catch her cheating spouse.

She observes the cheating pair, intimate details to make your toes curl.


A couple place tracking software in their teenage children’s mobile devices to keep them “safe”.


And still the fish glides serenely, content in his observed world.


3 thoughts on “Aquarium

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      A good question which reminds me of the old conundrum as to whether it is better to be a contented pig or a discontented philosopher. As a thinking being I plump for the philosopher over the pig although I can understand why others embrace the latter. Thanks for your comment. Kevin


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