Deadly Books

As a book lover I really feel for the lady in this article, Imagine not being able to pursue your chosen subject, literature due to being allergic to the dust generated by old tomes. My immediate thought was to the effect “why can’t the lady read books on a Kindle avoiding the need to open dusty books?” On reflection I assume that not all of the books required for this student’s course are available as ebooks. I wish this lady well in her studies (she has moved to another course and is now studying from home).

2 thoughts on “Deadly Books

  1. The Story Reading Ape

    This allergy to dust and ink fumes from ALL real books, magazines and newspapers is the bane of my life too Kevin, so I know exactly what she means so about a year ago I got a Nook HD and within 6 weeks got a Kindle Fire, so I could cover a wider range of available eBooks.
    The only books I keep now (and can no longer read from) are by my hero Sir Terry Pratchett.

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      Sorry to hear about your alergic reaction to dust from books and ink Chris. That must be difficult for a book lover like you. Kindles are great but, if I could see then I would love to own more print books. There is something wonderful about the feel and smell of books. I have hay fever which can get rather bad in the summer and a fairly mild alergy to dust but the latter does not prevent me from reading braille books. Many thanks for your comment, Kevin


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