The BookSeller Crow On The Hill

Some 10-15 minutes walk from my home is the independent Bookseller Crow ( in Crystal Palace. As a child I have happy memories of visiting WH Smiths with my grandfather to buy clasics by children’s authors such as Enid Blighton, however Smiths is part of a large chain and sells many items besides books. The beauty of shops such as Bookseller Crow is that they specialise in books and are run and/or owned by book lovers. Even if the Bookseller Crow doesn’t have a particular title in stock they are more than willing to order it for you.

The shop also hosts events such as one where the comedian, Mark Steel, who lives locally read extracts from his book and autographed copies.

On a personal level I am grateful to the owner of the store, Jonathan Maine for allowing me to place cards advertising this website, in his shop. As an author living in Crystal Palace its great to know that there is a local book shop, independent of the huge chains to which I can turn to promote my writing.

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