The Rise In Student Prostitution Revisited

On 8 December 2012 I wrote a post entitled The Rise In Student Prostitution ( In the article I drew attention to a piece in a student newspaper, The Angle in which the author argues that many of those who enter the world of escorting are naieve (they do not realise that becoming an escort entails the provision of sexual services and by the time the realisation dawns on them it is to late they have, in effect already entered the world of prostitution).

I was interested to hear yesterday (27 February)from a young woman who works as a professional escort to pay for her medical studies in Germany. She discounts the idea that students entering the world of escorting are naieve and describes herself as being sexually liberal and enjoying the company of men ( In response to a question from me she states that the other student escorts with whom she is acquainted engage in escorting in order to obtain money (no surprise there then)! She also states that engaging in prostitution entails lieing in order to hide one’s occupation from others.

In my book, The First Time, we meet Becky who enters the world of prostitution, as a professional escort in order to clear her debts and avoid becoming homeless. As with the young lady who commented on my post Becky is far from being naieve. Her friend Julie works as an escort and Becky knows that men who use the services of prostitutes want more than mere company, they do, in the majority of cases expect a full personal service. However understanding what prostitution means at an intellectual level is not the same as grasping the reality of sex work. After her first encounter with a client Becky is violently ill (she feels that she is not a mere receptacle for men to “pour themselves into” and it is this feeling of worthlessness which makes her sick(.

The First Time is the fictional portrayal of two young women’s experience of prostitution. I do not claim that all those who work in the sex industry experience it in the same manner as Becky and Julie, rather The First Time explores a particular set of circumstances which lead Becky to enter sex work and her response to working as an escort. People are individuals and they react to circumstances in diverse and sometimes unexpected ways. I don’t claim to provide an overarching explanation as to why ladies enter prostitution I do, however believe that The First Time represents the lived experience (albeit through fiction) of a section of those engaged in the sex industry.

(For the First Time, by Kevin Morris please visit For my latest book, Samantha which describes the experiences of a young girl forced into prostitution in the city of Liverpool and her struggle for survival please visit

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