The First Time by Kevin Morris availible at Waterstones for only £0.98

My collection of short stories, The First Time, is available for £0.98 as a download from the Waterstone’s website This compares favourably to Amazon where The First Time can be purchased for £1.53.

In this collection of short stories I explore why young women enter the world of prostitution. In “The First Time”, the first story in this collection, we meet Becky a young graduate who enters the world of professional escorting to clear her debts. The story looks at the effects of prostitution on Becky and her fellow escort and friend Julie. Other stories explore what happens when the worlds of sex and technology collide. In “Hemlock” I explore what occurs when machines in the form of a beautiful young robot woman attain the capacity to appreciate high culture. For “The First Time” please visit

4 thoughts on “The First Time by Kevin Morris availible at Waterstones for only £0.98

  1. abichica

    having been one of the lucky few to read them i have to say they are just magnificently written.. wooww!! You really kept me wondering, some made me cry because of the sheer pain which some of the young women were experiencing and some of them answered questions i have always had about why people venture into this industry! Bravo sir! 😀

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