Russia Invades Ukraine: An Act of War By A Dictatorship

I agree completely with the views expressed in this post. I stand with the people of Ukraine against the unprovoked aggression of Vladimir Putin.
Its instructive to note that many of the apologists for Russia’s aggression in Ukraine come from the far-left or the far-right of the political spectrum. Communists and fascists are equally detestable and the ideology of Putin draws on both political traditions.

charles french words reading and writing

I try very hard to stay away from politics in my blog. I attempt to deal with writing and creativity, but some events demand that writers speak out.

Russia, led by Putin, has invaded Ukraine, a sovereign nation and is conducting war against that country. Additionally, some in the U.S.A. are actively supporting Putin, and that is horrifying. How can an American support the actions of a Fascist dictator against another country? Have we forgotten the Soviet Union, and have we ceased to remember the actions of Hitler?

I am not calling for America to go to war, but everything that can be done to stop and/or punish Russia for this craven attack on Ukraine must be done. Americans need to cease using this as a political football to attack the other party–that is unconscionable and utterly devoid of morality.

I fear for the lives on innocent people in Ukraine…

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