It has been blowing a gale here in Crystal Palace/Upper Norwood today. Indeed parts of the UK have suffered much more than we have here in south-east London.
When I went out with my dog Apollo at lunchtime many fallen leaves and some branches littered the woodland path and the pavements.

The weather reminded me of this poem of mine.


K Morris - Poet

I want to come in.
The din
I make.
The trees I shake.
I awake
the old fear
Of nature wild and near.
People quale indoors.
There is no applause
when the gale doth come.
Animals run
for shelter
helter skelter
seeking release
from the hurricane’s teeth.
The morning brings peace
And trees
Lying amongst fallen leaves.

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3 thoughts on “Hurricane

  1. Victoria Zigler

    Hope you and Apollo are staying safe. Our weather has been pretty rough here. Not as bad as in some places, but not too far away there are places with downed trees, they closed schools and cancelled our rubbish pickup yesterday for safety reasons, and we lost our electric for a few minutes at one point (thankfully only for a few minutes… Others lost it for much longer).

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Thanks Tori. Apollo and I are both safe and well.

      I’m glad you are all well and that the electricity only went off for a few minutes. Still it must have been concerning when it happened as you wouldn’t have known that the power outage would only last for a short while.

      When I took Apollo to the park this morning there where fallen branches and leaves littering the woodland path.


      1. Victoria Zigler

        Yes, it was concerning, especially since I know there are people literally a couple of miles down the road who lost power around lunchtime Friday and only got it back late afternoon Saturday. Though I was struggling to remember to be when the dogs were barking every time the wind made something blow about and make a noise outside, I’m grateful we’re in an area where things haven’t been too serious as regards effects and damage from the storm.

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