WordPress Unfollowing: A New Glitch

I also have had instances of WordPress unfollowing my blog without the bloggers in question having taken the decision to no longer subscribe to this site. I know this as some of the bloggers in question have commented that this has happened, meaning that they have been forced to refollow kmorrispoet.com.
I usually post on a daily basis. Therefore, if you don’t receive a post from this blog for 7-10 days, do please feel free to check that you remain subscribed to this site. I value all of my readers and I don’t want to lose subscribers unless they actively choose to unsubscribe from my blog.


Over the past couple of months, WordPress has been ‘unfollowing’ me from a group of bloggers who have all followed me for some time. This has happened to Beth, Liz Guffreau, and a few others. Today, it happened to Jude, one of the first people to ever follow this blog.

What’s going on, WordPress?

I have also had some of my comments on other blogs ‘Trashed’ by WordPress. Most recently some comments on Stevie Turner’s blog.

I get that uneasy feeling that good old WordPress is up to something behind the scenes. Perhaps another ‘innovation’?

And when they are doing that, it is rarely about anything good.

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