Guest Post: The Hungry Hound

My thanks to Pete for kindly featuring my poetry on his blog. To read my poem please click on the original post on Pete’s blog. Kevin


I am delighted to feature blogger, poet, and published writer, Kevin Morris. You can read more of Kevin’s blog by following that link.

The Hungry Hound

I am Trigger.
My Stomach is bigger
Than you think.
Your lunch will be gone in the blink
Of an eye.
Then away I fly.
Should you ask, “who stole my lunch?” I reply,
“Not I”
But, dear reader, I lie …!
I have been known to eat plastic.
My reach is elastic.
You think your food safe?
My friend brace
Yourself for a shock
For I will gobble the lot!
Be it ever so hot!

(The above poem was dedicated to my guide dog Trigger, who sadly died
in 2020, but lives on in my heart).

Kevin’s published poems are available online from Amazon.

He is also featured in an anthology, details from this link.

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6 thoughts on “Guest Post: The Hungry Hound

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Many thanks for visiting my blog. I am so sorry to read about your loss of Emma. Dogs are literally part of the family and we grieve for them as we would for a family member or close friend. Your comment about Emma being famous for eating everything made me smile! Many of my colleagues lost their lunches to a labrador nose! Very best wishes. Kevin


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