Invitation to join poet Kevin Morris for an online poetry reading, at 8 pm (UK time) on Wednesday 9 April

Just a reminder for anyone who is free and interested, that I shall be doing a poetry reading on Zoom this evening, at 8 PM (UK Time). For details please see the original post below. To clarify, the event did not take place yesterday evening (Wednesday 8 April), but will happen at 8 pm this evening. Apologies for any confusion caused. Kevin

K Morris - Poet

For a while now, I have been mulling over the idea of doing a poetry reading. My original intention was that this would be an event held somewhere in Crystal Palace, with people physically in attendance. However, due to COVID19 (the Corona Virus), this is, sadly not possible. Hence I have decided to host a virtual event, details of which can be found below.

It remains my intention to hold a live event (with guests physically present) when COVID19 is resolved/the UK lock-down is over. In the meantime, I hope that you will be able to participate in the online event to be held at 8 pm, on Wednesday 9 April:

“Kevin Morris is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Poetry
Time: Apr 9, 2020 08:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 270 949 125″.

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5 thoughts on “Invitation to join poet Kevin Morris for an online poetry reading, at 8 pm (UK time) on Wednesday 9 April

  1. blindzanygirl

    If I could understand this Zoom thing I would join you, but I can’t work it out. I tried to work it out last night for another event but couldn’t. I hope it goes well Kevin. Have a good day.

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Many thanks for your good wishes, Lorraine. I’m sorry you are having problems getting to grips with Zoom. I also am on a learning curve, so hope everything goes as it should this evening!

      If you have problems with the online Zoom, there should be a list of local phone numbers on which you ccan call in at a local call rate. This should appear when you click on the link to a meeting.

      All the best, Kevin


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