Amazon is Cutting Back on Buying/Stocking Books! AUTHORS, HERE’S HOW TO SAVE YOUR BUSINESS!!

The article linked to in Ann’s post is, I think rather misleading. If (like me) you publish the print edition of your books through Amazon, with Amazon printing and sending the titles to your readers, the delivery times are, in my experience good. For example I have just looked at the delivery time for the paperback edition of my “Selected Poems”, The Amazon site shows that anyone placing an order today for my book (in the UK) will receive it by Wednesday 27th November which is, I believe a reasonable time-frame to wait for a delivery. The article fails to acknowledge that many authors publish (using Amazon), rather than publishing elsewhere and then using Amazon to distribut their books. Kevin

Ann Writes Inspiration

If you’re thinking about publishing your book in print through KDP, think again. Here’s an article that will change your mind and help you save your author business in the process. Let me tell you, I was floored when I read this, but when I think about it, I’m not really surprised.

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