A Witchcraft Tour of England #Halloween #witches

A fascinating post. I do wonder whether Matthew Hopkins, the Witch Finder General, really believed that the witches he “found” where (in truth) witches, or did he simply jump on a lucrative bandwagon? There is of course, at this distance in time no way of knowing.

Alison Williams Writing

Halloween pumpkins

It’s Halloween and that seems like a good excuse to share this post about some of the intriguing places in England with a history of witchcraft.

England has a long and varied history of witchcraft. As a tradition stretching back centuries, it is hardly surprising that there are a great variety of places that abound with legends, stories and histories about witchcraft, witches, persecution and execution. When researching the topic, I came across lots of interesting stories and made a long list of places that I’d love to visit. Some of them I have been lucky enough to visit although I would like to visit again one day. In fact, what I’d really like to do is go on a witchcraft tour of England – spending time in all these places. All offer something interesting and informative; some are fun and have more to do with legend, myth and fairy…

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2 thoughts on “A Witchcraft Tour of England #Halloween #witches

  1. alisonewilliams

    Thank you so much for sharing. That’s an interesting question. When I researched Matthew Hopkins I came to the conclusion that he took advantage of the political and cultural climate of the time to both make money and to vent his own hatred. But as you say, we’ll never know for sure.


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