Guest author: Kevin Morris ~ Wild Flowers

My thanks to Sue Vincent for hosting me on her blog.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

“I perceive

The flowers as I

Pass by.

Should I


That they will die?

I paused and smelt

And felt

Their slim stems that I

Could so easily break.

I chose not to take

And did the blooms forsake,

For I

Know that they shall die”.

 The Writer's Pen and Other Poems by [Morris, K.]

“Wild Flowers” can be found in “The Writer’s Pen and Other Poems”, a collection of 44 poems encompassing the passing of the years, nature, man’s place in the world and politics. The book is now available in the Amazon Kindle store for preorder
via Amazon USA) and Amazon UK .

Read Audrey Driscoll’s review of the book on her website.

Kevin Morris and his guide dog, Trigger.

About the author

I was born in Liverpool (UK) on 6 January 1969.

I lost the majority of my eyesight at 18-months-old due to a blood clot.I am a braille user and have happy…

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