This Wall

The Truly Poetic

I woke up this morning, drank a cup of coffee, smoked

A cigarette and stared at the wall. There was nothing

Special about this wall. It had no

Fancy wallpaper to draw your eye. No vibrant colors

That made it stand out. Just a plain dingy wall white and

bland in need of a good washing. A question came to mind

“What if I was this wall?” I ashed my cigarette and pondered

That. What if I was that wall. What if I was bland, boring, insipid?

That cannot be. I am not invisible like the wooden beams that

Support that wall. But what supports me if not boards

Of bones that is my skeleton? Yet I am not bland like the

Paint upon that wall. I have emotions that run deep and are

More complex than any wiring or plumbing can be. I have a

Past that have been…

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