A Living Wage For Writers – From A Most UNLIKELY Source

This is undoubtedly an interesting idea. I note though that it doesn’t apply to my craft (that of poetry), can you hear my deep sigh?!
While I can see advantages to such a scheme (namely allowing writers to hone their craft on a full-time basis and produce great literature), having a job (other than writing) arguably does furnish the author/poet with a broader perspective on the world. Philip Larkin was a librarian while Sir Walter Ralegh engaged in diplomacy, exploring and twiddling his thumbs in the Tower of London prior to an unfortunate appointment with a very sharp implement! The poetry of both men arguably benefited from their day jobs. If, however anyone wants to pay me a good wage to compose poetry full-time I’m certainly not going to look a gift horse in the mouth …

Tara Sparling writes

A Living Wage For Writers – From The Most UNLIKELY Source

Sometimes your internet life and your real life meet in the most unlikely ways.

For an Instagram star, this might be when they get caught for Photoshopping in a sponsored tan, and out a dimpled arse.

On Facebook, it might be when you’re tagged in a photograph on the night you swore to your soon-to-be-ex best friend you were not going out.

On Snapchat, it…. Oh, who cares? It’s Snapchat.

My two lives collided briefly this week when I read an article in the Guardian about a publisher which is going to pay writers a salary to give up all other paid employment and write full-time.

Apparently, this publisher reckons that writers can’t get really good at it, unless they can do it without the distraction of having to earn money elsewhere. The Guardian says:

De Montfort Literature, a new publishing company that is part of London hedge fund De Montfort Capital…

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