On The Death Of A Man

K Morris - Poet

“Was he clubbable?” they said.
“Indeed, many wished to belabour him around the head”.

“Was he nice?”
“Every man has his vice
Be it big or small,
But let us not recall
Each slip and fall.
For ‘tis true
That he had virtues too.

“And what virtues had he?”
“Most agree
That he pursued his own ends
(Though it must be said that he was loyal to his friends).
He would stand his round
And could oft be found
Pint in hand
As he did stand
At many a bar,
His conversation ranging near and far”.

“Was he a bore?”
“It must be admitted that he made some men snore
But as to whether he was boring,
Those who slept, also had him snoring
With the words they spoke
In ernest or joke”.

“Was he one for the ladies fair?”
“Should I your blushes spare?
Although he (having passed away)

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