A Short Analysis of Philip Larkin’s ‘Going, Going’

There are calls for the “relaxation” of the rules which protect England’s “Green Belt” (those green areas on which building is not permitted). Such calls (so far resisted by government) bring to mind this poem by Larkin.

Interesting Literature

A reading of one of Larkin’s most famous poems

We’ve analysed a fair few Philip Larkin poems over the last year or so, and had largely said everything we had to say about his work. But we’ve been inspired to write about ‘Going, Going’ because of popular demand, of a kind. Another of our posts, an analysis of another Larkin poem titled simply ‘Going’, has been receiving a great deal of traffic, but people have reached it by searching for an analysis of ‘Going, Going’. Which is a completely different poem. Since ‘Going, Going’ is fine late Larkin, we thought we’d offer some thoughts on this poem, which you can read here.

‘Going, Going’: the title immediately summons the third, unspoken word in the usual auctioneer’s phrase: ‘Going, going, gone.’ Britain is not quite gone altogether, but it is going, and it is being auctioned off, sold to…

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