To a Poem is a Bott the Stranger

I have know knowledge of coding. Consequently parts of this very interesting post had me scratching my head. However the long and the short of it appears to be that coding bots can produce poetry of a kind. Perhaps the deeper philosophical question centres around not whether coding bots can write poetry, but whether they will ever be able to comprehend what they write and (even more profoundly) whether comprehension equates to feeling. A beautiful scene reduces many to tears of joy (the delight of melancoly) and poets reflect this in their verse. Likewise the beauty of the singing of the thrush in Thomas Hardy’s “The Darkling Thrush” leads the poet to muse on how the bird can produce such wonderful music when all around the landscape is desolate, as is the poet’s mood. Kevin

Data for Breakfast

Code is Poetry. This is part of the WordPress philosophy. As a coder and a poet, I have always loved this phrase. I decided to turn this phrase around and ask, Can I make poetry with code? Could I make a bot that could write original poetry? I created an experiment to find out.

First off, I knew that if my bot was to learn to write poetry, it first had to read poetry. In 2017, authors used WordPress to publish over half a million posts tagged as poetry. I reached out to some prolific poets sharing their work with WordPress and asked if they’d be willing to collaborate with me on a fun experiment: would they allow my bot to read their work so that it could learn about poetic form and structure, so that it might learn to write its own poetry? Special thanks to these intrepid…

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