Will AI Violate Copyrights?

This is an interesting post, written by a philosopher. I really don’t think that authors need to concern themselves, in the foreseeable future (perhaps never) with the possibility that artificial intelligence will infringe their copyright. As for us placing restrictions on the ability of AI to infringe copyright (and this being “another reason” for them “to kill us”) I chuckled at the very idea and I suspect the author of this post had his tongue in his cheeck when he wrote those words.

A Philosopher's Blog

While it is popular to rail against the horrors of regulation, copyright laws are rather critical to creators and owners of creations. On the side of good, these laws protect creators and owners from having their works stolen. On the side of evil, these laws can lock creations out of the public domain long after they should have been set free. However, this essay is not aimed at arguing about copyrights as such. Rather, my aim is considering the minor issue of whether Artificial Intelligence (AI) could result in copyright violations. The sort of AI I am considering here is the “classic” sci-fi sort of AI, that is something on par with HAL 9000, C3PO or Data. I am not considering the marketing version of AI, which seems to be just about any sort of thing that does some things. Or does not do them, depending on which cosmic forces…

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