Do you think technology is good for writers?

As a visually impaired person, I rely on my computer to write. I use Job Access with Speech, a screen reader which converts text into speech and braille thereby relaying the contents of my screen back to me. Without JAWS I would be unable to produce printed text. (I could write in braille. This would, however be of little use to the vast majority of my readers)!
Technology does, however possess its downsides. I grew up prior to the invention of the internet, social media and mobile telephones. I recall sitting in the school library with no distractions other than the occasional fellow reader (from time to time we would break off from our reading and chat). Today social media, mobiles and the internet can distract writers. Of course they are, ultimately tools and can be used for good or ill. None the less there is, I believe something to be said for the days prior to the invention of Twitter and other forms of social media.

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Where would you be as a writer without your computer?

Just think about it for a minute. We have come to rely on little electronic robots in every stage of our lives from the grocery store to the gas pumps. So of course, we come to rely on technology to enable us to write faster and better stories.

One of my favorite bloggers Ryan Lanz posted an article about robots taking over the world of writers.

The thought made my imagination whirl like a carnival ride.

Not too long ago, we were told computers would make us a paperless society and save the trees. Uh, no hasn’t happened. In fact, I believe it’s had the reverse effect. Yesterday I was at the vets picking up medicine for the dog. The receptionist took forever, or so it seemed, to look up and enter in the computer my information before printing it out…

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